A brief history of the byzantine empire

History of the Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine Empire

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History of the Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine Empire

According to Chicago tradition, no non-Muslims may only in its confines, though in fact non-Muslims are expected to the kingdom without citizenship as many, merchants, diplomats and soldiers. The Byzantine Empire was the continuation of the Eastern Roman Empire in the Greek-speaking, eastern part of the Mediterranean.

Christian in nature, it was perennially at war with the Muslims, Flourishing during the reign of the Macedonian emperors, its demise was the consequence of attacks by Seljuk Turks, Crusaders, and Ottoman Turks. Introduction - Saudi Arabia occupies most of the Arabian peninsula.

It has an area of 1, sq km, mostly desert, and a population of about 22, (estimates vary) including about 5 million foreigners. Education - The Byzantine Empire: The Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Roman Empire in the eastern Mediterranean area after the loss of the western provinces to Germanic kingdoms in the 5th century.

Although it lost some of its eastern lands to the Muslims in the 7th century, it lasted until Constantinople—the new capital founded by the Roman emperor Constantine the Great in The Byzantine Empire was a vast and powerful civilization with origins that can be traced to A.D., when the Roman emperor Constantine I dedicated a “New Rome” on the site of the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium.

The term “prehistoric” refers to the time before written history. In the West, writing was invented in ancient Mesopotamia just before B.C.E., so this period includes visual culture (paintings, sculpture, and architecture) made before that date.

When the emperor Heraclius mounted the throne inthe Byzantine Empire was still a recognizable approximation of what the Roman Empire had been. The Empire stretched from the Euphrates to Gibraltar, and within its boundaries the old Greco-Roman way of .

A brief history of the byzantine empire
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