A plot overview of the novel story of michael henchard

What is a summary of The Mayor Casterbridge?

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The Mayor of Casterbridge Summary

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He has fine points in his character, but they are contrasted sharply with other less admirable qualities. Thus, he will try to make up for what he has done to Susan, but he will still remain rash and impetuous in his dealings with people.

They learn that Henchard is now the mayor of Casterbridge. The townsfolk are complaining about a crop of bad wheat, when a stranger passes a note to Henchard at the door. Susan is reluctant to approach her husband, and she and Elizabeth-Jane spend the night at another hotel in town: The King of Prussia.

The Mayor of Casterbridge Summary

- Henchard's Personality in The Mayor of Casterbridge Introduction Michael Henchard begins the novel by entering Casterbridge 'with the walk of a skilled countryman'.

He starts his life at badly, as he sells his wife to a young gentle sailor called Newson. The novel opens with Michael Henchard and his wife, Susan, traveling through the country with their baby daughter, Elizabeth-Jane.

They stop for supper and Henchard gets totally drunk on rum. He offers to sell his wife and daughter to the highest bidder. The next day, realizing his loss, he swears not to touch liquor again for as many years as he has lived so far.

Eighteen years later, Henchard has become Mayor of Casterbridge, a man well respected but not well liked. In the beginning of the novel, Michael Henchard sells his wife Susan and their baby daughter Elizabeth-Jane to a sailor for five guineas after drinking a great deal of rum-laced furmity--a sort of gruel made of wheat, milk, sugar, and spices.

A plot overview of the novel story of michael henchard
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