An analysis of the scams on the elderly

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7 Scams That Target Elderly Seniors – How to Protect Your Loved Ones

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Financial Crimes Against the Elderly

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These scams - though they can be targeted towards anyone - are usually directed towards the elderly because they are viewed as easy targets.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation created a list of reasons why the elderly are easy targets. Financial fraud is increasing in volume and variety. In many instances, these scams are targeted at the elderly. While everyone victimized by these frauds suffers financial setbacks, it is usually.

Therefore, determining correlates of susceptibility to scams among a cohort of community-based older persons may be the most valid way to identify older adults who are most likely to fall victim to financial exploitation and inform efforts to prevent high risk seniors from falling victim to scams.

2 References in this testimony to “seniors,” or “older” or “elderly” individuals, means the population age 65 years and older, unless noted otherwise.

Statistics in this testimony are generally While certain types of scams appear to target seniors specifically, virtually every law. Sep 09,  · Educate Your Elderly Parents or Grandparents About These 4 Commonly Perpetrated Scams.

1. The Home Repair Scam. The Repair Scam can occur both on and offline. Due to loneliness or diminished capacity, the elderly are particularly vulnerable because most seniors live alone and may not be able to withstand a pushy salesman. Scams range from notifying victims that they’ve won a bogus sweepstakes to soliciting donations to a fake charity or pitching a phony investment opportunity.

Odette Williamson, a staff attorney at the National Consumer Law Center, said scams against the elderly are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

An analysis of the scams on the elderly
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