Impact of the nigerian capital market on industrial growth

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In addition, Ewah et al () appraised the impact of capital market efficiency on economic growth in Nigeria, using time series data on market capitalization, money supply, interest rate, total market transaction and government development stock that ranges between to Nobel Laureate Michael Spence of Stanford University's Hoover Institution and the Commission on Growth and Development talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the determinants of economic growth.

Spence discusses the findings of the Commission's recent report and how it compares to earlier attempts to uncover the sources of growth and the lack of growth such as the Washington Consensus. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study explored the impact or effectiveness of capital market instruments on Nigerian economic growth.

Though the scope of the study was limited to the capital market, it is hoped that the exploration of this market will provide a broad view of the operations of the capital market.

Stock Market Development: Its Impact on the Economic Growth in Nigeria. In examining the relationship between stock market development and economic growth, it is important that we throw light on some key concepts that will enhance a better understanding of the study.

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In this study, the researcher attempted to capture capital market impact on the economy growth in Nigeria. This is motivated by poor performance of the Nigeria stock exchange, under development of the Nigerian economy etc. the objective of the study is to ascertain the level of relationship between stock market capitalization and gross domestic.

Abstract: This study examined the impact of capital market volatility on Nigerian economic growth using real Gross Domestic Product as proxy for economic growth. Volatility of returns in financial markets is a major.

Impact of the nigerian capital market on industrial growth
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