Russian revolution the lowest point in the countrys history

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The Russian Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Russian Revolution

Following the Russian Revolution, Boris Yeltsin became the first directly elected President in Russian history when he was elected President of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, is the highest active volcano in Eurasia as well as the highest point of Asian Russia).

The Russian Revolution. The Russian Revolution was the most important revolution of the 20 th century, and was one of the most important revolutions in the history of the world. I would place it as the third most important revolution after the American and French Revolutions. Feb 26,  · The Russian Revolution of was one of the most explosive political events of the twentieth century.

The violent revolution marked the end of.

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A Brief History of Russia Historically, Russia was occupied by Mongols, and the likes, for centuries. Early Russian ancestors belonged to Slavic tribes, and by the mid-9th century vikings arrived.

Russia also is home to the world’s deepest lake, Baikal, and the country recorded the world’s lowest temperature outside the North and South poles. The Russian republic was established immediately after the Russian Revolution of and became a union republic in.

Worldwide, Siberia is well known primarily for its long, harsh winters, with a January average of −25 °C (−13 °F), as well as its extensive history of use by Russian and Soviet administrations as a place for prisons, labor camps, and North Asia.

Russian revolution the lowest point in the countrys history
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The Russian Revolution of