The admiral tomas cloma

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Admiral Tomas Cloma: Father of Maritime Education and Discoverer of Freedomland/Kalayaan Island

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Spratley Island : Ang Kaibahan Noon at Ngayon

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Just 15 years earlier, self-styled “Admiral” Tomas Cloma, a fishing magnate who also owned one of the nation’s top maritime schools, claimed to have occupied 53 islands, islets and reefs comprising the Spratly Islands.

He named them the Kalayaan (Freedom) Island Group. Long before Boracay's popularity, Panglao Island was already famous to many a seafarers and merchant marine people mainly due to the empetus works of Admiral Tomas Cloma who has left a legacy of being called "The Father of Philippine Maritime Education" and "The Discoverer of the Freedomland/Kalayaan Islands" located.

Tomás Cloma Businessperson, Person, Organization founder, Deceased Person Cloma was born in Panglao to Ciriaco Cloma, a Spanish settler, and Irena Arbolente, a native of Bohol. Rear Admiral Tomas Cloma Sr. (Phil. Navy) discovered an archipelago called kalayaan group of islands a.k.a.

spratleys in and Inthey were designated as part of Pala wan Province. Admiringly or mockingly, Atty. Cloma was referred to as a “Modern Magellan” and came to be known as “Admiral” Tomas Cloma.

One columnist even went to the extent of saying that he appeared to be suffering from a “slight case of imperialism.” Be that as it may, he pursued his quest with courage, open mind and sacrifice.

The admiral tomas cloma
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