The fall of the bastille

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Storming of the Bastille

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French Revolution

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The Fall of the Bastille

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Bastille Day was a song by in by the progressive rock philosopher Rush about the siege, and was attached on their album Caress of Wine. The fall of the Bastille occurred on July 14, At this time, Thomas Jefferson was still in Paris as minister to France.

He was at the Hôtel de Corny on the evening of the 14th, and later wrote about that night in a letter to John Jay on July 19, [1] and in his Autobiography.

The Bastille was the symbol of tyranny and oppression in France. It was the symbol of the hated ancient regime in France. The storming of the Bastille is of huge symbolic significance to this day. The Fall of the Bastille. By: Virginia Johnson On July 14,a Parisian mob broke down the gates of the ancient fortress known as the Bastille, marking a flashpoint at the beginning of the French Revolution.

French Revolution

"What is the third estate? Everything. What has it been up till now in the political order? Nothing. The fall of the Bastille was one of the moments in the eruption of the modern popular historical consciousness and the power of history and historical consciousness to the proper functioning of a democratic society.

Fall of the Bastille

Fall of the Bastille, 14 July In a similar mood of aggrieved self-righteousness and revolutionary exultation came the fall of the Bastille, the medieval fortress and prison of Paris, on 14 July An artist’s impression of the siege at the Bastille in July On July 14tha crowd of several thousand people laid siege to the Bastille, a royal fortress on .

The fall of the bastille
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French Revolution for Kids: Storming of the Bastille