The history of advertisements

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AdAge Top 15 Campaigns of the 21st Century

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Ad Age Advertising Century: Timeline

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European Precedents

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Billboards became a feature in advertising as early as the mid ’s, and over the past hundred and fifty years have become a popular and effective form of outdoor advertising. 7) Unilever & JWT first partnered increating the longest relationship in advertising history.

(Tweet This Fact) 8) A baby formula brand was the first to sponsor a blimp (in ). Now, Advertising Age is updating this list with 15 of the best ad campaigns of the 21st Century.

In the last 15 years, advertising and marketing, and the media it used to get out its messages, has. History of advertising.

A brief history of advertising

The history of advertising can be traced to ancient civilizations. It became a major force in capitalist economies in the midth century, based primarily on newspapers and magazines. In the 20th century, advertising grew rapidly with new technologies such as direct mail, radio, television, the internet and mobile devices.

This history of advertising technique chronicles the movement from face-to-face selling messages to the stilted, repetitive, printed advertisements of early newspapers to the dynamism of mass communication by radio and television to the re-personalization of messages via cable, Internet, and direct mail.

We explore the rich history of television advertising as it's evolved over the years.

Ad Age Advertising Century: Timeline

You'll learn about the first television commercial and other advancements.

The history of advertisements
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