The leadership qualities of joshua lawrence chamberlain and how i apply them to my daily life

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Leadership In Action – Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

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General Joshua Chamberlain at the Battle of Gettysburg. Chamberlain as a General. This past July marked the st anniversary of the action at Gettysburg which gave him the Medal of Honor.

Chamberlain the Man. Chamberlain did not come from a military background. The setup to the Chamberlain role play is critical in my mind and essential to the success of the class and for achieving the learning objectives.

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Part 1: The Mark of a Good Leader By Lyn Chaffart The book of Joshua is rich in lessons for our day and age, and the upcoming 18 lessons, appearing in the Nugget on Saturday evenings, will be focusing on practical tips from this book that can help us in our walk with the Lord.

The leadership qualities of joshua lawrence chamberlain and how i apply them to my daily life
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Lessons From Joshua, Part 1: The Mark of a Good Leader -- By Lyn Chaffart