The plea for the chimpanzees

SC to hear plea against declaring Nilgai, monkeys as vermins

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Farsalinos In Pinoy Plea

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Chimps Are Like Us

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Animal Rights

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It is hard to know what chimpanzees know, because no human being is a chimpanzee, by definition. However, a clear cut answer of “no” may be dangerous since it is not necessarily true that the chimpanzees need to fully appreciate the inner workings.

Debates surrounding the use of chimpanzees in entertainment, such as the one earlier this year between PETA and Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards, almost always center on animal welfare concerns — for example, how the animals are treated during photography sessions. This is an appropriate concern for a variety of reasons.

The Plea for the Chimpanzees In the story “The Plea for the Chimpanzees” by Jane Goodall, Jane writes of a personal experience on her visit to a testing center where they use various primates to test products, one being chimpanzees.

6 days ago · Conservative journalist, Dr. Jerome Corsi is in plea negotiations with Robert Mueller after being questioned by the special counsel for over 40 hours about his ‘inside sources’ at WikiLeaks and alleged advance knowledge Julian Assange was going to release John Podesta’s emails.

GREAt APES: “Great apes should have rights” European Court agrees to hear chimp’s plea for human rights Evening Standard 21 May in thE nEwS. ABoUt dEBAtinG mAttERS Debating Matters because ideas matter.

This is the premise of the Institute of Ideas & Pfizer Debating. Her revolutionary discoveries about chimpanzees are memorably documented in the NATURE program JANE GOODALL’S WILD CHIMPANZEES.

The program gives viewers a rare look into the chimpanzee.

The plea for the chimpanzees
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