The quality of the education system in singapore

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Enhancing Educational Equity in Singapore

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Accrediting Agencies in Singapore

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This paper describes how Singapore attempts to balance the need for quality assurance and the need for educational diversity and innovation. The Singapore experience shows that this is a delicate balance.

On the one hand, to promote diversity and innovation, the government attempts to decentralise. In the s, Singapore's economy started to prosper, and the focus of Singapore's education system shifted from quantity to quality. The perception of technical and vocational education in Singapore are slowly changing as parents are starting to realize that there are alternative choices for decent employment outcomes as the greater Minister responsible: Minister: Ong Ye Kung.

The quality of Singapore school leaders is a function of the high standards that applicants must meet to become a teacher, because teachers constitute the sole pool from which school leaders are selected, as well as the very high quality of the training and support that individuals selected for promotion up the leadership career ladder receive from the National Institute of Education.

The DOE are translated into a set of developmental outcomes for each key stage of our education system. The Key Stage Outcomes spell out what the Education Service aspires to develop in our students through Primary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary2 education. For example, primary school students start by learning to know and love Singapore.

The education system is highly centralized. The Ministry of Education is responsible for education for kindergarten (ages four to five) through higher education.

The Ministry allocates funding for all schools, sets course syllabi and national examinations, oversees teacher credentialing, manages the teacher and principal evaluation and promotion system, and hires and assigns principals and teachers to schools.

Image caption Singapore has the best results at primary and secondary school in international tests Singapore has the highest-achieving primary and secondary pupils in international education.

The quality of the education system in singapore
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Why is Singapore's school system so successful, and is it a model for the West?