The strength of god by sherwood

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Winesburg, Ohio

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I will tell off the chicken of my bosom and discuss other women. Curtis Hartman, a reverend at the Presbyterian Church in the town of Winesburg, is a deeply religious man, whom acquaintances have a lot of respect for.

Though an experienced minister of ten years, Hartman still finds himself nervous and uncomfortable 3/5(3).

‘The Strength of God’ by Sherwood Anderson Essay Sample

"The Strength of God" Summary Reverend Curtis Hartman, pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Winesburg, was a quiet man and often dreaded speaking from the pulpit on Sunday.

Before the sermons on Sunday morning, he would retire to the study in the bell tower to pray for God's help. "The Strength of God" is a simple story of temptation with a powerful twist at the end.

The Reverend Curtis Hartman, as Anderson presents him, is a simple, stolid man. He is a successful but hardly inspiring minister without any particularly deep sense of faith.

The Strength of God T HE R EVEREND Curtis Hartman was pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Winesburg, and had been in that position ten years.

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He was forty years old, and by his nature very silent and reticent. The Strength of God T HE R EVEREND Curtis Hartman was pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Winesburg, and had been in that position ten years.

He was. The Strength of God.

Winesburg, Ohio

THE STRENGTH OF GOD, concerning the Reverend Curtis Hartman. THE REVEREND Curtis Hartman was pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Winesburg, and had been in that position ten years.

The strength of god by sherwood
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SparkNotes: Winesburg, Ohio: "Tandy," "The Strength of God," "The Teacher"