Water pollution in the brunei river

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Water Pollution In The Brunei River Essay

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Water pollution in India

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Brunei waters facing pollution threat

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For case, if the relevant group of the clip is participants from the relevant age group, the study will be lingered in the forenoons. Water Pollution and Brunei River. Brunei Darussalam (Negara Brunei Darussalam) is a nation ofpeople in South East Asia on the northern coast of Borneo island.

It has been ruled by a Sultanate for over six centuries and Brunei’s wealth is made up by its extensive petroleum and natural gas fields which is the source of one of the highest per capita GDPs in Asia. Direct discharge of sewage and sullage water from Kampung Ayer, discharges along Sungai Kedayan and Sungai Kianggeh and sewage effluent discharges within the catchment have contributed to the general decline of Sungai Brunei's water quality.

Water pollution is one of the problems faced by Brunei in enhancing the quality of its water resources and ensuring its sustainability for years to come, said an expert during a seminar held at.

Downstream, the river water polluted by the untreated water is used for drinking, bathing, and washing.

Water quality of Brunei River and Estuary [1991]

Sewage discharged from cities,towns and some villages is the predominant cause of water pollution in India. With this clarification we hope that 'Crying River' and others who share similar concern on the plight of Sungai Brunei are able to better appreciate the issue as well as be aware of the efforts the Government has taken in addressing an ever growing environmental challenge brought about by population growth, urbanisation, industrialisation and.

Water Pollution In The Brunei River The questionnaire is aimed at recovering information on the occupants ‘ perceptual experience of H2O pollution in the Brunei River peculiarly in the H2O small town.

Water pollution in the brunei river
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